Mr. Williamson is the principal of Oak Valley School. He can be reached at 688 6992, ext. 1212, or by clicking the Contact Form button on the left of this page. Below are excerpts from his introductory letter that was published in the school newsletter when he became principal last year.

Dear Parents,

I am humbled, challenged, and excited to be the principal of Oak Valley. We have supportive parents, an outstanding staff and a great bunch of kids; what more could a principal ask for?

For those who don't know me, I'd like to share a short biographical sketch. I attended college at UCSB, where I graduated with a major in history. After working for a year, I returned to UCSB where I earned my teaching credential from their Graduate School of Education.

After I received my credential I substitute taught for about six months, until I was fortunate enough to get a full-time teaching position in Santa Barbara. A couple of years later I had an opportunity to teach in Berlin, Germany and Rotterdam, Holland, where my family and I spent four years.

When we returned to California, I accepted a position in our district at Jonata School. After about a decade at Jonata, I returned to school to earn a Masters Degree in Education. I have taught grades K, 1,2 (in Europe) as well as 3,4, 5 and upper grade Spanish (at Jonata). I have also been active in our technology program, serving as a technology mentor teacher, tech director and, more recently, a combined position as Dean of Students and Director of Technology.

My wife, Sharon, teaches Kindergarten at Vista de las Cruces school in Gaviota. We have a daughter, Jennifer, and two sons, John and Ben. They are grown up and scattered about California.

I am excited by the possibilities for our school. My goal is to serve you, our students, and our teachers as an educational leader. I am a lifelong student, and intend to keep on learning, growing, and being challenged. It is my hope that Oak Valley will prove to be a school where we all strive for excellence in an atmosphere that is positive and nurturing. I look forward to working with you toward that end.

Sincerely yours,

Joel Williamson
Oak Valley Principal

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