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An interview with our Superintendent
Tom Cooper

by Chelsea, Class of 2003

The superintendent for the Buellton Unon School District is Tom Cooper. Mr. Cooper was inspired to apply for the position of superintendent by a friend who was familiar with the school and the staff. Before working as a superintendent at Jonata and Oak Valley, Mr. Cooper held the position of superintendent three times, was a teacher o f emotionally disturbed children , and served as a director of special education .

Mr. Cooper's opinion about the California school system is, "Education has become very politicized. If the government and state legisatures would leave us alone we could be much more effective. In spite of this, over all I think California schools are doing a great job." Mr. Cooper also says that he knows that the state is in trouble and that education will have to share in budget cuts. But we could deal with these cuts much more effectively if we knew where and how deep the cuts will be. Unfortunately, we are not being given clear information.

The plans that Mr. Cooper has for the future of Jonata and Oak Valley are to make sure that all of the students meet the academic standards, to look into the homework system, and to complete the construction of Oak Valley. Mr. Cooper says that the most rewarding part of being superintendent at Jonata and Oak Valley is that, "It keeps me from growing old, mentally and physically." When Mr. Cooper is not at school, he enjoys riding motorcycles, sailing, and playing the drums. In fact, Mr. Cooper worked his way through college playing the drums in a rock band! The message that Mr. Cooper would like to send to the parents is to be involved with the school. If you would like to help, you can join one of the many school organizations.