About Jonata

Jonata School's mission is to ensure that all students are motivated, successful learners who contribute to the global community. Success is developed through a strong academic learning environment that is enhanced by student creativity and independent development. Students are provided a variety of challenging learning experiences under the guidance of a committed, professional, nurturing staff, supportive parents, and community.

Jonata School is a Kindergarten and 4 - 8 grade school located in a safe, rural community within the Santa Ynez Valley. The 10-acre campus is situated in a neighborhood with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and a pleasant coastal climate that enhances yearlong outdoor activities.

Jonata is one of two schools in the Buellton Union School District and has a current enrollment of 457 students. Jonata has become a unique learning environment that resembles a middle school setting. The 4th - 8th graders occupy several classrooms that are spread across the campus. Classes are held in regular classrooms along with the computer lab, science labs, library, music room and outdoor space. Students have access to a large playground for recess and lunch activities that include a soccer field, basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, a Thorson fitness course and numerous court games on a blacktopped area. The Kindergarten classes occupy their own corner of campus, including playground and lunch areas for our young learners.

The academic programs at Jonata School are comprehensive and research-based. Language arts and math programs are aligned with the state content standards and textbooks have been purchased from state adoption lists. Research based curriculum is also provided English language learners and Health. Other subject areas use instructional materials that support California’s content standards..

Parents and community members are actively involved in the success of Jonata School. Parents volunteer in classrooms and or outside of the classroom to provide additional support in the academic programs on a regular basis. Many extra curricular programs have been implemented through the efforts of our parent volunteers. Local businesses also provide support by way of supplies and resources for student programs such as art supplies, recognition awards, field trips and scholarships. The local Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) provides fundraisers and programs that also enhance student learning with book fairs, jogathons, and an auction.

Students at Jonata School are guided by specific rules and classroom expectations that promote respect, responsibility, and safety through the school-wide program, "Building Effective Schools Together". (BEST) The school's discipline program philosophy promotes a safe school, warm and friendly classroom environment, and demonstrates that good discipline is a solid foundation on which to build an effective school. The goal of the school's discipline program is to provide students with opportunities to learn self-discipline through a system of consistent rewards and consequences for their behavior.